It’s been three months since Polkatrail has been launched. We received great initial support and feedback. Our team acknowledges that the third quarter of 2021 has passed quietly without major updates. …

On June 23rd after completing a successful IDO on BSCPAD, Polkatrail listed on Pancakeswap with a $266,000 liquidity provided by the team.

The onboarding of Irfan Malik as one of our astute advisors will foster more development. This will further trigger and reinforce the commitment to the aggressive growth of Polkatrail. …

Prior to launching Polkatrail, we’ve been staunch believers in the strength of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and we are optimistic that it can bring significant improvements to the travel experience industry.

In reality, we believe that the inherent potentials in NFTs and DeFi are yet to be fully harnessed when…

Technological advancement and Innovation in the Travel Experience Industry lie at the heart of Polkatrail. We believe that with the right tool and expertise, Polkatrail can offer the community, travelers and the world at large greater efficiency via blockchain.

In an effort to achieve this fit, Polkatrail is excited to…

The safety of investors and the success of the project are of utmost importance to the team of Polkatrail. We all could agree that the market conditions at this time do not encourage the launch of projects and that most investors are mindful of this.

Therefore, to ensure a smooth ride at this time of market uncertainties, not only for the project but also for investors alike, both teams (Polkatrail and BSCPad) have agreed to extend the IDO date until further notice.

Notwithstanding, we will continue to build and share updates on project and product development. Also, the BSCPad whitelist will remain open for applications until the new date is announced.

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At Polkatrail, the ball is now set rolling as more profound executions have started to reveal outstanding results and now attracts the interest of pioneers in the blockchain and crypto space.

We are proud and thrilled to announce Eric Su as our Lead advisor. …

Traveling from one location to the other has been an interesting adventure
since the emergence of the Travel and Tourism Industry and before this
time, there have been a lot of excitements and optimisms about the interesting tourism opportunities and growth that would come with the next decades. In spite of the…


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