Introduction to Polkatrail: Bringing DeFi and NFT tech into the travel experience

3 min readMay 27, 2021

Traveling from one location to the other has been an interesting adventure
since the emergence of the Travel and Tourism Industry and before this
time, there have been a lot of excitements and optimisms about the interesting tourism opportunities and growth that would come with the next decades. In spite of the promising expectations, the industry has been faced with a lot of challenges since the year 2020 as a result of Covid-19, which has put many in dismay and utter displeasure of what is to come and the fear of a collapse of the industry. In order to forestall and bring to check any unforeseen circumstances that could hamper the growth and sudden collapse of the industry, a lot of industry players have been engaging in their respective roles to resuscitate its glory and promising future, yet a lot of them cannot guarantee what travel going forward, would feel or look like.

Technological advancement, however, has been a major key player used in combating a lot of problems confronting our industries today. This is because it has the ability to immensely change the mode in which information or data is stored and used, bringing about improved transparency and security, while also enhancing transactions. This is more reason Polkatrail has been launched to take a more critical look at the various ways in which blockchain technology could be used to bring a groundbreaking solution to the major problems facing the travel experience industry.

So, spending too much time thinking or worrying about a problem, might
make one miss the solution that can bring an end to the challenges. Polkatrail
built on Polkadot will be integrating DeFi and NFT into the travel experience.
Optimizing the standard, growth and experience of the travel industry
between owners and customers through the launch of a uniquely developed
product (decentralized app) and approach is believed to resuscitate the
hope and aspirations of stakeholders in the industry because what the
the world needs now is a product that individuals, organizations, industries,
governments, etc., can use throughout their daily lives.

What is Polkatrail offering?
Polkatrail puts the travel experience industry on a high pedestal by offering
a decentralized app, that allows anyone to list accommodation, tours and
other city travel experiences with no intermediary or any company at the detriment of owners and customers. There are three major hallmarks
embedded in Polkatrail:

Polkatrail NFT
Polkatrail will allow users to explore and purchase NFTs inspired by Cities,
which are crafted at the highest quality. These NFTs can only be bought by
a combination of ECoins from the particular city.

Synthetic Experince Coins
Holders of $TRAIL have the opportunity to participate in an Experience
Coin economy, with each synthetic coin operating on a bonding curve that
dynamically mints and destroys this coin based on supply and demand.
Experience Coins can only be bought or sold into $TRAIL, bringing more
value to $TRAIL.

Polkatrail is transforming the in-city travel industry in the post-COVID
world by introducing DeFi (Decentralized Finance) features like staking,
reputation, loaning and fractionalized ownerships.

In light of what Polkatrail is here to offer, there is, therefore, no gainsaying
that there are exciting times ahead and that its contribution to the travel
experience industry will be massive because it focuses fully on user
experience with its blockchain-powered app.

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