Polkatrail: First Quarterly Update

2 min readSep 21, 2021

It’s been three months since Polkatrail has been launched. We received great initial support and feedback. Our team acknowledges that the third quarter of 2021 has passed quietly without major updates. We have been working on our product development and business development behind the scenes, including a newer integration of one of the most popular blockchain platforms to the ecosystem.

Polkatrail NFT Marketplace

Our NFT marketplace launch has been delayed for launch. With the advent of VirtualTrail, we are targeting a NFT marketplace launch during mid-October. Further details about the NFT marketplace and VirtualTrail will be released on October 7th.


In a bid to reward our long-term holders and to increase the $TRAIL token utility, holders will soon be able to stake their tokens and generate an extremely high passive income. All you need to do is stake your $TRAIL token and help in network operation. Our staking dashboard will be available next month.

Trail Travel App (MVP Release)

We are excited to announce that the application development is actively ongoing. Our MVP launch is scheduled for December 2021.

Solana & Polygon Integration + Added Liquidity & Buyback

In December, we will be porting our tokens to both Solana and Polygon. In celebration of our MVP launch, we will be adding $100,000 of liquidity across new DEXes as well as a $100K buyback to support our prices.

Thanks to everyone for your support. We are vehemently looking forward to the promising journey ahead of us.

Yours truly,

The Polkatrail Team.

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