Tokenomics Overview

2 min readJul 4, 2021

On June 23rd after completing a successful IDO on BSCPAD, Polkatrail listed on Pancakeswap with a $266,000 liquidity provided by the team.

The vesting period has started for the private round participants of Polkatrail on June 23rd per the listing date. The next round of release will begin on the 30th of June with the strategic round completing its cliff period of one week. Distributions for the team, advisors, and ecosystem have all been done via smart contract with the vesting schedule noted.

The pricing per round for seed, strategic, and private follows as: $0.03 , $0.036 , $0.042 respectively.

Do note that the total supply of Polkatrail is finite with no minting ever possible on the contract. We will soon release the smart contract audit via our website.

About Polkatrail

Powered by Polkadot, PolkaTrail elevates the travel experience industry by offering a decentralized app that lets anyone lists accommodation, tours and other city travel experiences with no middleman or tech company capturing the value at the expense of owners and customers. It brings DeFi and NFT tech into the travel experience.

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